Want – Hunslet 0-4-4-0 “Carnegie”

Hunslet 0-4-4-0 “Carnegie” ex-Woolwich Arsenal ex-Bicton, originally uploaded by Jay Tilston.

This is an 18″ gauge articulated diesel loco originally built by Hunslet in 1954 for the railway system at Woolwich Arsenal in South London. After a spell in preservation at the Bicton Woodland Railway it is now at home at the Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey.

Reasons why I like this loco:

  • For an 18″ loco, it’s pretty big and chunky. In fact it would make a reasonable sized 2′ gauge diesel.
  • The buffers. I’ve never really had a thing for side buffers on NG locos, but Carnegie wears them well. I think having the buffer beams on the bogies helps, visually.
  • The double jackshaft drive. Looks purposeful, you can imagine this thing banging around nuclear weapons on flat trucks no problem.

So let’s add Carnegie to the big long list of models I aspire to build one day. And, er, an 18″ gauge layout to go with it.

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  1. Narrowgague7.25 says:

    Victoria is now finished and going to Harrogate show next weekend.

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