Non NG blog links shock!

I’ve added a few blogs to my link list recently which interested me even though they are not necessarily focused on narrow gauge. It’s a dangerous precedent. Anyway, maybe they will interest you too!

  • A Curator’s Life – Anthony is Senior Curator of Rail Vehicle Collections at the NRM, and while his blog concetrates on the museums at York and Shildon there is a lot of travel thrown in and he is also a fan of the narrow gauge. One of the most recent updates (at the time of writing) covers the opening of the WHR to Pont Croesor, which I hope to experience for myself on a family holiday to Wales in a couple of weeks time.
  • Basilica Fields – I was a keen follower of “Buckjumper’s” exquisite modelling exploits on the RMweb forum, and now he is blogging the construction of an S7 finescale layout set in the grimy East End of London. I find the industrial archaeology of the early sub-surface London Underground lines fascinating, so as standard gauge goes this is perfect reading material.
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2 Responses to Non NG blog links shock!

  1. Phil Parker says:

    Thanks for the first one – I now need to know why Ant didn't make more fuss about it. I've known him for best part of 20 years, so you think he would mention it. Not that I'm bitter or anything :-)

  2. stephen says:

    I only found it by accident as well.

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