Jelly and ice-cream redux

Another August, another invite to a pleasant afternoon of model railways, chatter and desserts in rural Sussex. I dug Cranbrook out of the shed and took it along, to my surprise it a) hadn’t been eaten by mice and b) still worked. With revived enthusiasm it’s now in my office pending full installation, more updates to come soon.

Many thanks to those who organised the event and those who came along and made it excellent.

Loxley Barton Falls - 009
The entirety of Loxley Barton Falls (009) by Simon Cox.

Batasia to Ghum - 009
The increasingly enormous Batasia to Ghum (009) by Phil Savage.

Running past the pier on Isle Ornsay
Tom Dauben’s Isle Ornsay (009) assembled and running for the first time.

Cranbrook - shunting
Cranbrook (O16.5) was a little sticky but everything worked. The project to clean it up now continues!

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4 Responses to Jelly and ice-cream redux

  1. Jeff Bissonnette says:

    Hi Cornelius… Great photos! Glad to hear that Cranbrook made its way out of storage, it would be a shame for such a nice layout to sit unused.
    Thanks for posting the photos…


  2. Good to see a new post. I do like the liik of Isle of Ornsay and jow it’s developing…

  3. Lindsay Rust says:

    Cranbrook is an excellent layout – glad it has appeared to the wider public. It would be interesting to know dimensions
    But wholehearted congratulations and continue to enjoy.

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks for your comments. The layout is 9’x2′ including fiddle yard.

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