And done

Completed RNAD crew van kit

By my standards, under a year from considering a project to it becoming a thing is some kind of speed record. Presenting the RNAD crew van, an 009 kit in 3d print and etched nickel silver. This has leapfrogged a couple of other projects because a) I liked it when I saw one at Corris Railway last April (and later worked out they are at other places including Amberley) and b) as it’s effectively a box on wheels would be fairly easy to design.

It is now listed at Narrow Planet and also available from Parkside Dundas and (when I have more stock to give them) the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railways shop.

As for here, evidence from lack of posting is probably a good sign that I’m not much of a layout modeller of late. Not only lack of time but really coming round to the realisation that the bit of the hobby I really enjoy is designing and making things that are useful to other people. So I’m calling time on this blog. I have some work to do on the Narrow Planet website and when that is completed intend to switch to product development focussed updates there instead because that will give a lot more to talk about and it doesn’t feel right being so blatantly self-promotional in this format.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback over the years, and see you again soon!

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  1. I must admit I was shocked to see a new post in my news feed today! Having said that the completed van looks excellent and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Hopefully your change of focus will mean a blog dedicated to Narrow Planet which will be excellent as currently I’ve been following development via your flicker account. While the photos are excellent I’m always left wanting more info about each design.

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