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Tiny tiny roundy roundy

009 model-railways narrow-gauge scratchbuilt

(First off, apologies for the low quality of this photograph – I was using my phone camera and it seems like it was more interested in focusing on Evaleight station in the background)

Micro micro layout

Phil Savage of the Sussex Downs 009 group has built this miniature marvel. The inside rail of the circuit is a two pence piece, hence the name Tuppenny Handley. The four-wheeled steam tram has the motor inside the passenger compartment and a fantastically detailed vertical boiler on the rear footplate. The rod you can see sticking out of the platform is one of the trip switches that controls the signal and the light in the station as the tram runs round the circuit.

In the foreground, a family enjoys a picnic with a hamper made from aluminium car body filler carefully teased back in to a compacted state while the kids fish for tiddlers with tiny jars made from clear sprue. Silver paper under the bridge parapet gives the illusion of the stream flowing right under the tracks.

The whole thing is mounted on a cork, giving the perfect excuse to bring a bottle of wine to club nights!

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to take some clearer photos soon as this little layout needs to be seen in detail!