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So, an update in the promised slightly less than two months since last time. Not much modelling has occurred chez Fairlight but there has been a mini-explosion of 009 blogging in recent days so I thought I’d write about that instead.

A fellow member of the Sussex Downs 009 group has started up a blog to cover his collection of microlayouts and plans for a clever new scheme to fill a small alcove – a retractable layout with a removable fiddle yard on the mantelpiece. See more at http://michaelsrailways.blogspot.com

Another blog I recently caught up with is that of Zabdiel, who is writing about an 009 pizza layout under construction and various other topics. Andrew Collier has also had a bit of a re-arrange and now has separate blogs for his Shelley Railway Company in HOn30 and Emu Bay Railway in HOn3.5.

Finally, Simon Cox has bust out of the blogosphere and has an article on his Loxley Barton Falls layout in the September/October 2007 issue of Narrow Gauge World.