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WHR NGG16 #143 in the Aberglaslyn pass
Image © Alasdair Stewart. Reproduced with permission from WHR Project.

Here’s something you won’t have seen for a while. Seventy years, to be accurate, because that’s the last time a steam-hauled train ran through the Aberglaslyn Pass.

With the Welsh Highland Railway’s reconstruction continuing at a remarkable pace, NGG16 no. 143 took a test train of 10 coaches through the Pass last Friday. This fantastic scene, captured by Alasdair Stewart, shows the scale of the scenery the railway has to contend with to reconnect the two ends of the line, and the Ffestiniog. It would be difficult, but not impossible, to create this scene in a model but I’d bet there’s someone out there willing to have a go.

Colin Lea is just up the road, figuratively speaking, with his Rhyd-Ddu layout. How about a “couple” of extra boards?