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Fairlight – dead and gone

fairlight model-railways narrow-gauge

WWI Baldwin

There’s a gap in the shelves in the shed where Fairlight (Mk I) used to be. I didn’t decide directly to get rid of it, rather a chance event has led to its demise.

I’ve come to realise over the past few months that I much prefer making stock to making layouts, this state of affairs also suits my current family situation where I don’t have sustained chunks of time to make useful progress in the shed. I know that railway modelling is often a long term hobby, with layouts sometimes taking years or decades to emerge, but the lack of a way to just go and “play trains” when I feel like it is pretty frustrating.

So Fairlight is gone, and in it’s place will be… something else. The answer is in fact somewhere in this blog if you know where to look. There’ll be more about it soon.

And this is not to say there won’t be a Fairlight (Mk II) in the future. In fact I would love there to be as the themes remain appealing, although I’ve no idea yet what form it might take.

So I suppose the final question is – what’s the use of a blog about a layout called Fairlight when there is no layout? I’d like to think it’s enough of an entity by now to stand on its own, but maybe I’ll move things around a bit later on. We’ll see…