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The switch

2'-6"-gauge inspiration model-railways narrow-gauge

Pony truck detail

In the grand scheme of things I suppose this is a fairly mundane photo. However, it has acted as a bit of a catalyst. In it, I see the advantage of switching to 7mm scale, how adding that detail around the front pony truck of ex-Sierra Leone No. 85 becomes more feasible (and more necessary!). Of course such thing are possible in any scale you can imagine, but life is only a certain length.

At least the tool box is a nice slab-sided cuboid.

Tyler & Co. ground frame

Speaking of switches, also snapped at Castle Caereinion was one of the ground frames for the passing loop. The blue lever is for the facing point lock, the black one actually throws the point. This kind of detail, and the rodding that attaches it to the pointwork is another of those things that becomes easier to realise in a larger scale. And with the High Weald Light Railway station at Cranbrook being of a similar age and magnitude to those of the W&L this kind of detail is perfect inspiration for the list of work to do on the layout.