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In no particular order

cranbrook model-railways narrow-gauge planning

After my post on Cranbrook’s fiddle yard I cleared my diary and made the “big list of things to do” on the layout. It’s quite a stream of consciousness, so doesn’t reflect an order of priority or even things that are likely to be done. Converting the estate line to 10.5mm track, for example, would make it truly 18″ gauge, and a good home for Carnegie, but require a lot of upheaval and a whole new set of stock. So that’s probably one to leave for a while. Many others are more practical and some are even in progress.

So as a (hopeful) motivator I’ll set up a link to this list in the sidebar and update it as items are completed (or as I think of more stuff to add). Feel free to nag if it doesn’t change very often…

  1. Sort out fiddle yard
  2. New front fascia
  3. New solution for securing legs when stored
  4. Leg extenders and/or height adjustment
  5. Decide what to do with trees
  6. Make/fit trees
  7. Convert estate line to 10.5mm gauge
  8. Bury coupling magnets
  9. Fix rear truck on #2
  10. Get #8 chassis repaired
  11. Rebuild #8
  12. Alter detailing on #9
  13. Look at axle slop on railbus
  14. New chassis for #1
  15. New chassis and frames for #5
  16. Add livery to Windle loco
  17. Build Wrightlines Skylark kit (in progress 17/06/2009)
  18. Build Vulcan SLR #85 kit
  19. Build Drewry railcar on Underground Ernie chassis
  20. Get/build Nigel Lawton Simplex kit
  21. New bogies and add weight on passenger coaches and bogie van
  22. Shortlist wagons to repair
  23. Repair wagons
  24. Define car cards for shunting
  25. Review operating sequence
  26. Brace backscene
  27. Consider lighting
  28. Clean scenery
  29. Restore ground cover
  30. Build cattle dock
  31. Fix hoist on brewery
  32. Tidy up shed so layout can be out permanently!
  33. Clean/paint Anchor Wharf loco
  34. Loco for spare 08 mech
  35. Loco for 2-6-2T mech
  36. Replace HWLR lettering where needed
  37. 6″ extension