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Brief intermission

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I had been hoping to show you some photos of a great trip to the Welshpool & Llanfair gala yesterday, but my home internet connection is playing up and I doubt this mobile broadband dongle is up to uploading all the images without melting. So that’ll have to wait a few days.

However! A funny thing happened earlier in the weekend.


I had an email from Photobucket saying “Oh yeah, we’re going to delete your account if you don’t come and log in soon”. I couldn’t think why I would have an account since I use Flickr for photo hosting, but it was addressed to my forum/eBay username so it seemed plausible rather than a phishing trip.

Turns out I did have a Photobucket account, during the very early days of my return to narrow gauge modelling and these images were about the sum total of what was on it.

I remember now that I had started using Google Sketchup to create a visualisation of how my planned OO9 layout could look.


What’s interesting (to me) is that the concept is “backwards” compared to what I actually started to build, with the trackplan flipped front-to-back and the built up scenery behind the bay platform instead of the loop. Although I can’t remember now why I changed my mind, looking back I think I almost prefer it this way. Certain a train tucked up against the retaining wall in the curved platform of the bay would have made a nice image.

Something to consider for next time, maybe…