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009 expong model-railways narrow-gauge photos

One of the highlights of ExpoNG 2009, and a deserved winner of the Reiner Hendriksen Trophy, was Tom Dauben’s Dunbracken. A small Scottish harbour in OO9, with its foundations on an ironing board, the layout only measures 4′ x 10″ but has a good balance of railway and scenery and some great touches of detail.

Dunbracken - 009
An overall view of the layout

Dunbracken - 009
The very attractive dockside scene at the pointy end of the ironing board

Dunbracken - 009
A close-up of Tom’s railcar, built from a Parkside Dundas WHR coach on a Liliput 1-B-1 diesel mechanism

Dunbracken - 009
A view down the station

AW-250 prototype
For most of the day the layout was also home to a prototype kit by Bernard Taylor – a freelance Armstrong-Whitworth diesel-mechanical

Snapping the snapper
Dunbracken naturally gathered a lot of attention during the day. Here is the OO9 Society’s Roving Reporter, Mick Thornton, capturing the layout for his excellent photo site and no doubt the OO9 News

The whole layout was a sample project for a much larger OO9 project, Port na Cailliche, which will hopefully emerge from Tom’s loft in the not too distant future!