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Some day my prints will come

009 baguley-drewry model-railways narrow-gauge

Much excitement at Fairlight Works today with the delivery of a test print of the Baguley-Drewry diesel from Shapeways. Printed in the “fine ultra detail” material, the resolution of the small parts really is remarkable although you might notice some roughness on the vertical surfaces. Unfortunately part of the cab-side between the door and window arrived broken, but I do get the feeling that as a base model with some etched details added there is some potential here.

Baguley-Drewry test print

Baguley-Drewry test print

So the next step is to draw up the accompanying etch, and maybe another test print with the broken area thickened up a bit. Narrow Planet will be in attendance at the 009 Society EGM near Birmingham next month, so hopefully there will be some more progress by then.