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New blog, old posts. Is it still the same website if you change everything apart from the contents?

For ... reasons I had to move web hosts (including all the domain and email config for Narrow Planet, fun times) so I took the opportunity to rebuild this long-neglected blog. If it's of any interest at all it now uses Eleventy and Tailwind running on Vercel, instead of Wordpress and was a learning exercise as much as anything.

I also believe in the permanence of the web so I didn't want to just turn the thing off and succumb to link rot. Maybe I should start updating here again? Who knows!

Lockdown layout

2020, as you're probably aware, has been a weird old year. I count myself as fortunate that my day job is (currently) fairly secure although as I write this Lockdown 2 is fast approaching to get in the way of the Christmas sales period. The side-hustle has also been keeping me busy, and with the traditional Autumn exhibition season being replaced by virtual events we have some product announcements we would have done in person ready to go - particularly for the newest bit, Planet Industrials.

I did start a small 009 layout (seen above) as a modelling project during the spring but this fizzled out when the desk it was set up on was requisitioned for home schooling. Perhaps with the winter drawing in I should get on with it, it would give me something to write about here at least.

Next year it looks like I need to move house, find larger premises for NP and keep the other plates spinning, all in uncertain conditions. Should be a fun ride!