Nearly there

As with all my projects, the RNAD Baguley-Drewry kit has been grinding along in fits and starts, but with the self-imposed* deadline of ExpoNG at the end of October looming its become time to make final arrangements.

I’d already decided to start with the longer 99hp loco, and with the minimum material thickness of i.materialise‘s robust and practical prime grey plastic in mind needed to switch some of the details – mainly the window frames and bonnet panels – from printed to etched nickel-silver. So finalised 3D print in hand, “final” test etch delivered, I set to with the superglue.

And this, barring a very short snagging list, is the result:

RNAD Baguley-Drewry test build

RNAD Baguley-Drewry test build

So the kit, Narrow Planet‘s first is a combination of a 3D printed bodyshell and etched nickel silver detailing which all glues on to the plastic body – no soldering needed! A Kato 11-104 tram chassis is required, and readily available via UK model suppliers or eBay. Other versions of this mechanism may also fit but this one has the narrowest side frame detail. A Greenwich-type coupling can be fitted in the buffer blocks.

Price will be £30 excluding chassis.

I’ll be hitting the “go” button on production this week to have stocks available for ExpoNG and online sales shortly afterwards. I’m planning for an initial batch of 25-30 locos based on current interest, and I will be emailing everyone who has registered interest shortly, so if you’d like to sign up for one please use the form on the website.

* never do this

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5 Responses to Nearly there

  1. Jeff Bissonnette says:

    Looks great Steve! It’s apparant that the final vendor’s quality is better than Shapeways, but without the benefit of seeing it up close, how much better is it?

    Do you have the contact information for this company (I-materialize??)?

    Thanks… JeffB

    • Steve says:

      Hi Jeff,

      The quality is really good. Its much more like an ABS-type plastic than the waxy material that Shapeway’s FUD uses so its easier to work on, and the faces that are in the layer orientation are completely smooth and slightly glossy. You can see some stepping on the vertical surfaces so you’d still need to be careful with curves, but it seems like its about as good as you can get for a realistic price at the moment.

      Their website is


      • Jeff Bissonnette says:

        Thanks for the info Steve! I have a project in mind for it and I’ve been waiting until the quality level comes up some, and this might be a good starting point.


  2. Chris Nevard says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’ve just been given one of these to make up for Model Rail. Really looking forward to making it up. It’s the first 3D print I’ve seen properly – most impressive!


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