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Bexhill MRC exhibition – 12th August 2006


Yesterday, I went along to my “local” model railway exhibition down the road in Bexhill, which is a small show but seemed very popular and there was a good narrow gauge showing.

Scrubbs Lane Yard / The Maltings

I spent a bit of time watching the to-ing and fro-ing on Scrubbs Lane Yard / The Maltings which is a small 009 layout made up of two dioramas – both packed with life and detail. It’s roughly the same size as the space I have available for my layout and was quite inspirational in terms of what I hope to achieve. Certainly it has reinforced my decision to concentrate on creating a couple of distinct “scenes”. Also in 009 was Ashover Light Railway – Fallgate, which again was absolutely crammed with detail although adherance to the prototype meant the variety of stock on display was some limited (albeit exquisitely modelled).

Cranbrook Town

The other narrow gauge layout on display was Cranbrook Town, in 0-16.5. This was interesting to see as it seems to be a successor to the High Weald Light Railway which was featured in Railway Modeller about 15 years ago – the recent rediscovery of that article having contributed to my inspiration for the setting of Fairlight. However the current owner didn’t originally construct it so I wasn’t able to find out any more about its history.