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Fairlight – the plan

009 fairlight layout model-railways narrow-gauge track-plans

I’ve settled (for the time being) on a track plan for Fairlight. It’s quite simple, representing the terminus station and engine shed yard of a small, preserved narrow gauge railway. The setting will be present day, a small town on the south coast of England near the Kent/Sussex border. There is a real village of the same name in this rough location, but the only thing it has lent so far is its name. In practical terms the setting will have more resemblance to Hastings old town.

Fairlight track plan
(click through to Flickr for a larger view of this)

On the left is the passenger station with loop and a bay platform which will be partially embedded in a road surface – intended to enable the “delivery” of visiting stock to the line. On the right are the engine sheds and workshops, which will be a combination of an old goods shed and modern built additions. The main running line passes in front of this scene, to continue off-stage to destinations anon, and in front of that will be a siding for the permanent way department.

The shelves

To put this in context, each of the two boards is 83 x 30 cm. In fact, they’re shelves of an Ikea Ivar unit, which also functions as my computer desk and general storage of all the paperwork I never throw away. In our current flat this is the only practical space to put a layout, and it’s also a deliberate attempt to constrain my ambition so I have a chance of ever getting it finished.

There will be a scenic break between the two boards, enforced by the upright of the shelves, but I think this is going to be an advantage as it will allow me to present two different scenes and let me work on one at a time.

Track is laid and partially ballasted on the station board. I need to get some point control going on, and wiring sorted out before I go any further with scenery.