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009 bullant lxd2


The Bullants are now back from their return visit to Australia with pivoting mounting bolsters fixed, so huge thanks to Geoff at Hollywood Foundry for all his help sorting them out.

As I mentioned before, the power bogie runs very smoothly on clean track but on Fairlight’s slightly dodgy permanent way it stutters a bit, especially over points. So using a small piece of plasticard as a spacer I temporarily fixed the bogies together at the approximate centres for the Lxd2 wheelbase and connected up the pick up wires from the dummy bogie. With pick up from all eight wheels it smoothes everything out and it even looks like the loco will (just) fit into the platform headshunt. The wheels on the dummy bogie are quite reluctant to turn due to the way they are assembled (essentially it’s a power bogie with no power) but the instructions suggest with a bit of weight over them they should be fine. The kit is all nickel silver so that ought to help and the big boxy body will allow for adding plenty more weight if needed.

Once I have figured out how to attach the bogies to the body I will trim the wires and solder up the connections. I’m moving house next week but I hope to get back to building the body soon afterwards.