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Official blog of the High Weald Light Railway (1977) Co. Ltd.

Scratchbuild update

009 narrow-gauge scratchbuilt

The Hunslet-style loco is coming on well. The tanks are attached to the frames now and the boiler and smokebox are a snug push-fit – I created them by laminating 10 thou plasticard around a brass tube to build it up to the right size. Still need to come up with a smokebox door, saddle and steam pipes. My original design also had sand boxes at the front of the tanks, which should help to hide the chassis weight that cuts into the bottom of the boiler.

Scratchbuild progress

I had been hoping to trim down the top of the motor block to fit it inside the tanks, but it turns out that was an essential part of a functioning motor. So I am going to build up coal rails in front of the cab to hide it instead. The cab itself is not yet fixed on – I want to create the firebox and some backhead detail and probably paint inside before it all gets stuck together.

The biggest challenge, I think, is going to be replacing the donor chassis’ crude connecting rods with something that looks a bit more like real valve gear. I’ll save that job until last!