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The slippery slope to 7mm scale

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It’s happening again! Seems like every time I get back on track with my OO9 modelling, 1:43 scale sends another temptation.

Here is a test build of the new Dorset Kits 7mm Welshpool & Llanfair Earl / Countess, which is complete bar a few components of the valve gear. It’s a beautiful looking model, and even though this isn’t my favourite 2’6″ gauge loco I am seriously tempted by it. The chassis has been designed to suit a prototypical gauge (17.5mm) as well as the more common O16.5 which means it would fit in well with the more finescale approach of O14. And as I’ve learned there are plenty more nice 2’6″ locos that could go with it!

Funnily enough, some of the most common search terms that people have used to reach this blog are variations on “7mm Welshpool loco kit”, so I guess its good to be able to confirm that, yes, it does exist, and you’ll be able to get one soon! You’ll be able to see it for real on the Dorset Kits stand at ExpoNG 2008, in just a couple of weeks time.