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Harrogate pizza

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I’ve been thinking (and sketching) around how I might make a start on a Harrogate gasworks layout without having to build the whole thing at once. Yes, I know it’s already fairly small…

Harrogate pizza

The idea was, if I built the end curve with tunnel portal as half of a “pizza” layout of 24″ diameter I could later split the circle down the middle and attach it to the rest of the yard. The other half of the pizza could feature the more ornate northern portal of the tunnel and the nearby bridge over Knox Lane.

At the bottom of the circle the two scenes would have to be blended together… somehow… but as an exercise in getting something done I reckon this could work.

Harrogate half pizza + yard

Eventually half of the pizza would be re-used as part of the full layout.

Drewry progressDrewry progress

The impetus behind at least getting started is that the Baguley-Drewry diesel kit is now almost complete. This is the first whitemetal kit I’ve soldered (with a bit of advice to get started on the technique) and despite a couple of easily filled mishaps has been pretty straightforward. The cab rear and roof won’t be added until the interior is detailed and painted but otherwise it’s ready for a spot of filler and some final details.