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All the small things

HOe indian model-railways narrow-gauge scratchbuilt ZF

The order of assembly on the larger parts of the ZF class test build is apparently going to take some thought, so I’ve been working up to it by putting together some of the smaller pieces. I’ve also started using Carrs 145 degree solder and some paste flux in the last week, which has improved my “action” considerably.


The tiny sandboxes (that’s a British 5p piece in the foreground) actually went together fairly easily with no burnt fingers despite being made up of three parts.

Cow scoop

The first of the cow catchers is possibly too delicate to be able to clean up the excess solder, but I ended up with three of them in the etched sheets so I could consider this one to be practice.

Cab back

And a slightly larger piece – the back of the cab, with its distinctive large window frames, as one unit. This is simply resting on the frames and the moment, and in fact the tank side seen with it has since been removed for a second attempt.

I’m quickly picking up what is the chief problem when designing your own “kit” – that you also need to design the instructions as you go along!