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That was the year that was

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Chevallier at Welshpool

Like many people I know 2010 was a bit of a mixed bag, both personally and modelling-wise.

Ongoing work on our house meant space and time for modelling work was limited, and starting a new job in the Autumn further cut down on “thinking” time as I am now commuting by car instead of train. On the other hand I learned how to draw etch artwork and used this to start a custom nameplates service as Narrow Planet, and visited a couple of great shows and the real thing. And started another 009 layout I don’t have time or space for.

So, 2011. With an end in sight on the house we might be faced with the task of trying to move later in the year, although hopefully with one eye on gaining enough space to put up Cranbrook permanently. Until then I think focus will be on rolling stock, in other words the little things that can be assembled and detailed in the living room without too much domestic disruption.

But then again, if 2011 is unpredictable as 2010 was then who knows where things will be in 365 days time…