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Carl Arendt

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I heard over the weekend of the death of Carl Arendt, creator of the Small Layout Scrapbook. His website and books served as inspiration to many modellers of all scales and gauges, in fact he seemed to delight in the squeezing of larger scales into ever smaller spaces and was instrumental in the concept and naming of Gn15.

When I picked up railway modelling again in 2006 I pretty much read the Scrapbook “cover to cover”, picking up ideas for my own layout planning, and have remained a regular reader ever since. I emailed Carl while working on the design of Fairlight, which led to helpful suggestions and information from him. The over-riding impression from everyone I know who had contact with him was of an enthusiastic and generous correspondent who was always interested to hear of small layout ideas.

A very sad loss. I hope that the website can continue in some form in his memory.