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Achievement unlocked

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Okay, so the blog has been a little quiet this year.

Reason 1: Work.

Reason 2: I’ve been spending available non-work time pushing Narrow Planet forwards, both in the development of a much-needed new website and in the physical manifestation of what has until now been a fairly digital, custom service.

Achievement unlocked

This is the first off the assembly line of a new, fully packaged series of nameplate and works plates sets in 4mm:ft scale produced exclusively for the Ffestiniog Railway. They are etched on to 0.15mm brass for very crisp reproduction, even on the smallest works plates, and come with instructions for painting and fitting. For me this is the “achievement unlocked” of the post title – a product I designed, in my own branding and packaging, on sale in a real shop – and the shop of arguably the most high-profile narrow gauge railway around to boot.

And then there were loads...

After a weekend’s sorting, packing and labelling we ended up with quite a collection of the things. They are now safely dispatched to Porthmadog so should be available at Harbour Station and the Ffestiniog online shop soon! Many thanks to John Wooden at the FR for making it all possible.

Now… any other railways interested in a range for their own locos?