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Giving a presentation

fairlight model-railways narrow-gauge planning

While rearranging the garage shelving to create a clear space for the new layout, I’ve been giving some thought to how to present it. Although it’s not intended for exhibiting I do like the idea of everything ending up fairly neat and well contained, so thoughts have been turning to the enclosed style espoused by Iain Rice in his recent book Creating Cameo Layouts.

Fortunately with a robust set of shelves as a base I have a fair amount of the groundwork done for me.

Basic shelving

This is the basic setup (although simplified to omit the other shelves, not to mention the clutter) and represents the state things are in now – ready to start.

Backscene and insulation board base

Next, I’ll add a fixed backscene board attached the uprights and cut the insulation board that will form the scenic base to size to fit into each module. I’m intending that the actual layout parts will be removable to be able to work on them in more accessible surroundings.

Upper shelf and fascia

Finally with the addition of the upper shelf and a fascia board the ‘cameo’ effect will be complete.

Of course there are going to be two scenic modules plus a central fiddle yard, so the full configuration might look something like this.

Full banana

The left-hand end is left open as viewing will be possible from this angle – at the other end the layout is close to the front garage door so will likely be closed off with another bit of backscene.