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Evolution of the species

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I thought it might be interesting to show the process I went through to get to a suitable 3D print for the Baguley-Drewry kit.

Evolution of the species

From R-L:

  1. The initial Shapeways print of the 60hp, which encouraged me to continue but had some shortcomings.
  2. The first i.materialise 60hp print, which was a step-change in quality from what I’d seen before.
  3. Two 99hp tests to get the width right to fit the Kato chassis taking into account the minimum wall thickness of the prints. This was also at the point I thought the whole cab might be etched. The loco is marginally over scale width but not so that you’d notice, and still narrower than most 009.
  4. The final, decorated 99hp loco. Eagle-eyed readers may spot some of the detail differences between this and the 60hp version.

Not pictured is the test from Sculpteo, which came between 1 and 2 had the least usable finish and solidity. This was sacrificed to the razor saw when checking for chassis fit.

In the background is the rudiments of my “filing” system for modelling projects.