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And now in colour

009 baguley-drewry marketing model-railways narrow-gauge new-products

If you want a job doing properly… get someone else to do it. Perhaps not the usual way that idiom goes, but its worked out well here.

RNAD Baguley-Drewry - paint complete

With a rather hectic run-up to ExpoNG I realised I wouldn’t have the time (or arguably the talent) to decorate a sample model of the Baguley-Drewry kit, so its spent some quality time this past week in the north east with the airbrush of Chris Clark. Chris’s excellent 009 modelling has been featured on the NGRM forum, and he has recently started a painting and weathering service.

RNAD Baguley-Drewry - paint complete

As well as the fantastic paint job, a few more details have been added – simple touches which really lift the whole thing. I’ve added a couple more parts to the kit etch as a result, and will be noting a few more things in the instructions.

Should you desire similar quality work on your own models, get in touch with Chris.