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Well that was hectic

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Lots of kits

After a few late nights last week making and assembling the packaging for the kits it was onwards to ExpoNG, where there was a very positive reaction to NPL-001, and most of the little brown paper-wrapped boxes found owners. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say I was delighted and encouraged by this and without a doubt development will continue on the 60hp loco (not to mention the “list” of future ideas).

With NP to look after and other show duties I didn’t get much chance to look round itself. It was also the first ExpoNG where I haven’t taken any photos, in fact it wasn’t until around 4:30 that I realised I hadn’t even brought my camera. Fortunately it seemed like every other attendee had a camera in hand and a few photo galleries are already online, courtesy of Julien Webb, Michael Campbell, Tom Dauben and Ted Polet. No doubt there are more to come.

These days, with a hand in running the exhibition, I can’t really be too opinionated about its contents, but I will say that Giles Favell’s End of the Line in O14 and O (and radio controlled lorry) surpassed even my high expectations – watch exhibition listings like a hawk for another chance to see it.

And the hectic-ness level continued to be high even after the show was over. I’d decided it was about time I de-cloaked my interests, to an extent, to those outside the hobby now that I have something I’m really proud of to show for it. This joined up to a catch-up with the 3D printing startup I worked with earlier in the year to show them the loco, they were impressed and this immediately dispelled my fear that “ordinary” people wouldn’t get it.

So now this coming week I’m off to an event in Brighton where someone who is a “second degree connection in my network” (or friend-of-a-friend if you prefer) is giving a talk on their own user-centred approach to 3D printing in model railways, and this promises to be very interesting indeed.

There are a few Baguley-Drewrys (Drewrii?) left from the initial batch, you can view details and order on the Narrow Planet site.