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Tiny tar tank

009 narrow-gauge

While planning and preparation for the new layout is underway, I actually have a “here’s one I made earlier” up my sleeve to fill an otherwise empty space.

Over Christmas I decided to get some soldering practice in and build a Glyn Valley Railway tar tank by N Brass Locos. It’s a tiny little thing, the chassis is around the size of a penny and so while assembly is quite intricate there is the advantage of not needing a load of heat to get the solder flowing.

N Brass GVT tar tank (009)

N Brass GVT tar tank (009)

I hadn’t soldered a kit together for quite a while, so it was nice to pick something up that could be completed with a couple of evenings’ effort. Well, almost completed. It still needs a filler cap and tap fitting, couplings and painting.

N Brass GVT tar tank wagon (009)

I’m not sure if it has a role on Fairlight 2.0 – it would be a good contender for the ‘to be restored’ siding if weathered heavily, but it’s also a nice little item in it’s own right.

It would also be interesting to compare it size-wise to the Mercian / Knightswork water tank that Phil Parker built recently.